Where do you find heritage?

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Do you find it in the buildings that make your community unique or do you hear it in the special stories your family tells? Perhaps you experience it at cultural festivals and in the taste of many cuisines. Or maybe you find it on your favourite hikes and when you stop to admire scenes of rivers, fields and hills. Or you think of the generations of people who came before you or the newcomers to your community.

Click on the image above to go to the HeritageBC website and download or order your own copy of this year’s Heritage Week poster.

Heritage Week is coming up February 15-21! The Creston Museum would like to invite you to contribute to a special online exhibit we’re creating to celebrate all the ways and places people in the Creston Valley share and celebrate their heritage.

How can you contribute? It’s easy. Just take a picture of something that represents your heritage – whatever “your heritage” means to you – and send it to us at crestonmuseum@telus.net along with a couple of sentences about what makes that person/place/thing important to you.

For example, I might include this one, a cross-stitch piece started by my grandmother which I inherited after she died and finished up as a tribute to her. I’d include it because family and family stories are a big part of my personal heritage – and listening to my Gram’s stories was always the best part of my day.

Or I could include a photo like the one at the top of the page, because one of the things that most represents my joy in being Canadian is the access to to wide open spaces. Or maybe the Five Roses Cookbook that has been used for so long in my family that it’s falling apart.

So let’s see where you find heritage!