Uphill Both Ways

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Yesterday, as one way of staying connected in this unusual holiday season, we suggested reminiscing with family members over your favourite cookies.

Let’s keep that theme going today and throw out this challenge:

You know that story, that when Grandma and Grandpa were young they had to walk to school in the snow, uphill both ways?

Well, we have a schoolhouse at the Creston Museum, and we’d like to explore that idea a little bit.

So today we challenge you to talk to people of several different generations and ask them how they got (or get) to school.

  • How did/do you get to school?
  • How far was/is it?
  • What did/do you have to carry with you?

We plan to use this information for a new little mini-exhibit within the schoolhouse. You can post it as a reply here, email crestonmuseum@telus.net, or give us a call at 250-428-9262!

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