14. Unleashing the Tour Guide Humour

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My career in museums began as a tour guide, and it will always (I hope) be the very best part of the job. I learned very early on how to tell a story that draws people in and connects with them personally – and every object has such a story to tell. Making people laugh or cry or gasp in wonderment is a very good thing.

And, with all those crazy local history stories I mentioned a few days ago, laughter is easy to achieve. But it’s fun to do with an individual object, too. My favourites? Telling people the rectangle of bricks they’re standing on is a crypt. Explaining how the perming machine works. Describing the weird-looking contraption in the corner as a “patient-cooker.” Designing an exhibit called ”Unmentionables” and installing it behind doors marked ”Do not peek” (everyone peeks).

Want more? You’ll just have to come visit the Museum!