The West Creston Ferry & Ferrymen

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Do you or someone you know, know anything about these men or more details about the West Creston Ferry, which was located at the old ferry landing? If so, please share it with us!

The first ferryman was George Seymour who operated the ferry from 1910 until 1914. During this time, Seymour averaged at about six trips per day. 

From 1914 until 1920 the ferry was run by Fred Hurry Sr. and his two sons, Fred and Phil. 

After 1920, Jimmy Lochhead took over and ran the ferry until 1938, with the exception of a four year stint away.

Jimmy Lochhead and Bob Maxwell hunting in the 1920’s
– does anyone know who the third man is?

In 1930 John Ryckman Sr. began working as a ferryman and the ferry extended its hours of operation. John Ryckman Sr. worked as a ferryman from 1930 until 1953 and was the longest working ferryman for the West Creston Ferry.

John and Bessie Ryckman in the early 1940’s
The Ferry House during the 1933 flood
– John Ryckman on the porch and Matt Moores in the flood water

The next few ferryman were Matt Moores, who worked for 20 years (1938-1958), Harry “Speed” Benney and Jack Ryckman Jr. were the ferrymen in the late 1940’s, and Wes Skerik began work in 1949 and remained a ferryman until 1967.

“Speed” Benney and his brother Ed
-with their horse team in the winter
Creston Hockey Team
– (L to R, back row): Alf Sommerfeld, Ken Huscroft, Harry Sommerfeld, Bob Huscroft, Wes Skerik, Zack Basil, and Louie Basil
(L to R, front row): Ed Domke, Bill Bohmer, Harold Hudson, George Holmes, Art Sommerfeld, Ed Knoh, and Len Huscroft.

Wallace Thompson and Oscar Clarkson were the ferrymen in the late 1950’s, and worked with Allan Evans and Clyde Chadwick (he was a ferry operator, and his son Roger and daughter Mae (Ken) Brown are still around), who worked from 1958 until 1967. The ferrymen in the mid 1960’s were Bill Schalla, Chuck McNair, and John Bruce.

Wallace Thompson (left, with pipe) with an unidentified man
– does anyone know who this man is?

From 1968 onwards the ferry was only operating in the summer months. The ferrymen for the last five years the ferry was in operation were Cecil Willford, Frank Rathburn, Bill Bourdon and Vic McKay. During these last five years the ferry was very busy and was averaging over 100 trips per day. Vic McKay completed the last ferry trip on October 31st, 1973.

We look forward to hearing what you know about any of the Ferrymen or details about the West Creston Ferry.

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