The Shop of Doom…undoomed.

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At the time I started writing this, it was pouring buckets, which means only one thing. It’s spring. And really, what is spring without a good, ol’ fashioned scour and purge? We all have that one space that just…accumulates. takes on a life of it’s own. has become your own personal real-life “Eye Spy” vignette. For us, that would be the workshop…


Off in it’s quiet corner behind Founders Hall, it sits. Sheltered by massive trees, it is the perfect place to be dedicated to handy stuff and tools and spare materials. But what happens after a few years…well…you know.


Soon, you walk in; a simple, innocent being… simply looking for a rope, or perhaps a screwdriver. But as you step in the door, your eyes begin to adjust. And it hits you.  Neigh a trace of organization, save for the nails and screws meticulously sorted in old clear plastic ice tea containers. {not that you can actually reach them because the shelves they currently occupy are guarded by a fortress of boxes and stacks to rival any Greek city-that you could probably climb on if you were feeling particularly brave today, but maybe you don’t reeeeally need them right now. but you really should get that recycling out this weekend. but probably not cuz it’s playoffs.}

And the old kitchen cupboards that you picked up off the curb free because they would be perfect storage for the shed, are meticulously scattered in the contents they house, not an ounce of rhyme or reason for the placement of the things that occupy their hollows…merely a maddening version of adult Tetris. Which block will fit where while still being able to close the door. Or not. Just not have stuff falling out. because who needs closed doors anyways? it’s a shed. come to think of it, who even needs doors?

Then after two hours of scouring, mining, scattering, chucking, cursing, muttering, climbing, tunneling…it hits you.

You left it in the basement because there was no room in the shed.

And in that instant, you can feel that you have been on the edge.



hahahaha….yes, I am just a touch tired and perhaps more than a dash dramatic today, but rainy cloudy weather tends to do that to a person. {today it is supposed to reach the 30’s Celcius} Can you tell I was an English AP Student for a few years? No? I can do serious structured too. Promise. But that’s boring 😛  Really though. Sheds and garages can get a little bit out of hand.

[our wonderful shed full of….character…]

So Tammy decided it was time to do something about it! She had her best grubby clothes on, Skip had the truck fueled up and ready to haul, and they started in. I was on another project, or I would of been in on it. Like a shot. Actually it was raining. And I can’t stand getting wet. I confess.

They burrowed. And they hauled. And they tossed…and I can guarantee they puzzled perplexedly over many a thing; be it their placement, relevance, or any number of other variables. They even found a set of keys that got ‘lost’ 2 years ago!!

Turns out they were put in a planter by someone :/


Amongst other things we found…a sizable dog kennel. [we don’t have a dog]

What was left after was truly something of a miracle. Do you even recognize it?!?! You can move in there!!


The Chev was certainly loaded up! And guess what? like any good garage/shed clear out, we are having a yard sale in celebration! (c’mon, we couldn’t just throw it all away…there was some good stuff in there)

The dump load. Pretty sure I heard it growl at one point.

So after a long day, Tammy came into the office thinking she could quietly catch up on some paperwork and emails…but no. There is no thinking you will get something done here!! Never fails, you think you will be able, and just as you sit down, the phone rings 80 times. And an entire herd of people prance into the office. or something.

Rylan (our summer programing assistant) and I had decided maybe we needed to do some cleaning of our own, so we hauled out the costume boxes 😉 You can imagine how well that went! Actually it was really hilarious, and kind of disconcerting, the amount of vests we found… but there were some fantastic other treasures!

Rylan's Pretty Dress Find #1

Rylan’s Find #1

Rylan's Pretty Dress Find #2

Rylan’s Find #2

found this colourful piece

This colourful piece…

Ray found a lovely hat.

Ray found a lovely hat.

Ray trying to get Alison to wear the lovely hat.

Ray trying to get Alison to wear the lovely hat.                            Alison not finding the lovely hat all that lovely.

So all in all, it was quite the day. Some crazy discoveries, yard sale stuff found and ready, discovered there IS a floor in the shed, outlandish and ridiculous and pretty and fun costumes thoroughly made fun of…


Come see us at the yard sale Saturday, June 6 @ 9:00am

*sorry, no artifacts for sale