3. …Telling the Crazy Stories…

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Yesterday, I mentioned that confirming the crazy stories that abound in local history has been one of the highlights of my work here. Well, telling the crazy stories is also pretty high on the list.

There are so many to choose from! The Imaginary Student in Grade 13, that I mentioned yesterday. The Great Railway Race. The Steamship that Pulled a Plough. The Teacher Who Refused to be Fired. Running Rum in a Canoe. The First Airplane in Creston Valley (and a whole host of other crazy aviation stories).

Wingtip from the first airplane in the Creston Valley

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

But my absolute favourite is The Great Creston Bank Robbery. It’s the most ridiculous of all true stories, and I love to tell it. I’ll tell it at the drop of a hat, on the slightest invitation (and even without any invitation at all…us tour guides have a tendency to do that). I’ve attempted to write it, but the telling of it almost requires interpretive dance, and it’s just not the same on paper. So if you haven’t heard it, you’ll just have to join one of our ”Great Creston Bank Robbery” walking tours.

Okay, time for a shameless plug here: We’re hosting our popular History About Town week this summer, July 17-22. You should join us. I promise the Bank Robbery story will be there.