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I know, I know…it’s been a little while. SORRY!!! The last month has been a whirlwind. But now let me attempt to make up for it!

It always amazes me how one thing leads to another. Tammy and I have been tossing up tossing up the museum a little this year…re-vamping some existing exhibits (and building some new ones) since we built a honkin’ big new shed; so hey? Why not keep going?!?!

We all have super powers, but unfortunately for me, one of my super powers is that of procrastination. *EPIC* procrastination. And random cleaning/tidying sprees. And I also have a weird visual everything-has-to-look-good-no-old-tacky-stuff type of thing. Don’t ask.      –> moving on…..

As ridiculous as my superpowers are, something happened that the planets aligned, or the fates smiled, or someone passed on that chain email or something… and things have come together perfectly to get started on the task I was procrastinating on in the first place!! So weird, right?!

It all started with inventory….

So there is a project in the works that I have absolutely nothing to do with: a Reno/revamp of our storage facilities. You know how it goes, you start out with something that works, acquire more stuff, need more space, yadda yadda yadda. Well, we have lots of space, but it’s not being used super efficiently at the moment. So Tammy is working like crazy to get funding to totally re-do storage. But in order to move stuff around, we have to first take stock of everything we have. Computer databases are great, but sometimes stuff gets entered wrong, or stuff we no longer have is in it, or a long past enterer-of-stuff missed something.

That and we have like a bazillion ploughs that we reeeeeally have to get a handle on. They are like bunnies, they just keep multiplying.

So one of the ladies on the board and some awesome volunteers took on the gargantuan job of inventory. Then a display case expressed it’s dis-approval of being moved, and well…

At least it was in the exhibit we were planning on attacking first!!

So here’s where super powers all come together.

a) I can’t procrastinate anymore since we open soon

b) I get to re-organize the existing exhibit by removing tacky frames and putting things together in an artifact-friendly contextual way instead of a traditional glass display

c) I get to make-over some of the tacky display cases hanging out in rear storage

d) By removing some of those display cases, it also helps organize rear storage

Amazing how that works!! and to be honest, it’s pretty fun!! I am also learning just how difficult it can actually be to put together an exhibit. I thought ‘oh ya, just put some stuff together and tell the story’. lol. nope.

The exhibit in question is the First Peoples display dedicated to the Ktunaxa                    (kt-uh-nuh-(phlem sound)-a) of the valley. I am just astounded at how rich the story is, I absolutely love it. So of course we want to do as good a job as possible, and really do this important part of the valley’s history justice.

One angle of the display, including the famous sturgeon-nose canoe

One angle of the current display, including the famous sturgeon-nose canoe

So here’s the plan. As you can see, the exhibit already brings a little of the outdoors in. So why not put the delicate things that can’t be out, in a display that follows the same theme? So here’s whats up!

This one here will house our mini canoe, as well as arrow heads, spear tips, and various other hunting tools

This one here will house our mini canoe, as well as arrow heads, spear tips, and various other hunting tools & cool things

This guy is getting turned into a 'dry tank', to show the use of the underwater fish traps (it's currently just hanging on the wall)

This guy is getting turned into a ‘dry tank’, to show the use of the underwater fish traps (the trap is currently hanging on the wall)

There is still a fair bit to go, considering the snow has JUST disappeared, and there is a lot of natural material that will be involved in re-doing these. If I can stay on top of things, I’ll post update photos on their progress.

Everything should be ready in time for opening in the spring. We hope to see you then!