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Today’s the day – the Creston Museum reopens to the public! We know you’re looking for something to do, and for ways to reconnect with the community you’ve been isolated from for so long, and we’re on a mission to help with both those things.

We have put a lot of social-distancing measures in place – we’re asking you not to touch artifacts (quite a change for us, since we’ve always encouraged getting hands-on with history), and directing everyone to follow the same route through the Museum to avoid congestion. We also have face masks and hand-sanitizer available if you need them, and our staff will definitely be using them.

But, because we know you might not be able to travel to other communities quite yet and are likely to be looking for lots of different things to do around here, we’re coming up with all sorts of ways for you to explore the Museum and the Valley. If you’ve been following our Daily Dose of History posts, you’ve already seen quite a few of those – and there’s lots more coming your way! Now, though, we can add some things for you to do at the Museum!

Since we’ve been talking a bit about collections this week, let’s continue that theme with….


A scavenger hunt of ten of our favourite things in the Museum! Here they are, in the order you’ll find them if you follow our route through the Museum:

An IEL Supertwin Chainsaw. How many people were needed top operate this?

A cheese cutter from about 1901 – made by which still-famous office-equipment manufacturer?

Every home needs a pool table like this! What’s so special about this one?

I don’t think I’m going to tell you what this is – you’ll just have to find it and tell us!

We call this one the “patient cooker!” What is it, really?

“The Beast,” as we like to call it – but what is it?

Another motorized character – our Model T Ford! He’s got a big birthday coming up – which one is it?

Gotta love the resourcefulness that led to the invention of this tire recap machine! Can you figure out which company made it by looking at the logo on it?

A sign that once hung on what is now the Creston Valley Advance building downtown. It was the first sign of its kind in Creston – but what kind is that?

This lovely truck, bought new in 1947 and used for years on the Bell Brothers’ farms. If you know your classic vehicles, you’ll say it looks like a Chevy – but it’s not. What is it?

Can you find them all, and figure out the answers to all the questions? Our staff (wearing masks) are available to help!

If you want to print this off to bring with you, here’s a PDF version of it for you!

PS – the Museum is open 10:00 – 4:00, Tuesday to Saturday, and admission is by donation. See you soon!