Logging Arch Update…Volunteers Needed!

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Here’s some exciting news: Brian Reynolds, the wheelwright in Manitoba who is rebuilding the logging arch for us, has the spokes and hubs for both wheels done! Here’s the latest photo he’s sent:

Look at the size of them!

Brian is ready to start the felloes (the curved outer parts of the wheel, for those of you, like me, who are learning all sorts of new wheel-wrighting terms) and then he’ll heat-shrink the original steel tires back on.

So, we need to get the steel parts ready to send out to him. I have a truck arriving Wednesday (July 14) afternoon, and now I’m looking for some help to:

  • pull the remaining chunks of old wood off the steel tires and bumper rings
  • bundle up the tire pieces (they’ve been cut in half to make them fit on the truck) and other pieces into shipping-ready packages
  • load them onto the truck when it arrives, sometime between 1:00 and 3:00 PM on Wednesday
  • pick a few pieces of the original wood for a future display and dispose of the rest.

This does involve a fair bit of heavy lifting but if you can be here at about 11:30 on Wednesday I promise you lunch, all the cold drinks you want, and maybe even some ice cream in the afternoon…