I spy with my little eye…

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Have I ever mentioned I love my job?

Things I get to do legitimately and get paid for:


-Be on Pinterest

-Write these certifiably crazy blog posts

-Think up ridiculous and fun activities for kids and kids of the adult persuasion

-Visit various super cool and mostly historic places

-Stick stuff in concrete



yes. you heard me. stick stuff in concrete. cast iron stuff in concrete.

let me explain…but it might take a bit to get around to the actual point of the story. so bear with me!

Within the next year {every crossible body part crossed and Irish jigs showered in four leaf clovers and the blessings of mermaids} we will be embarking on a mission to up-heave our storage system. It is impossibly inefficient, and at this point, Tammy estimates another 2 years and we won’t be able to accept another single thing.

*cue audience GASP*

It’s kind of sad when you actually think about it. I may not know much, and what my knowledge does revolve around tends to be completely perfunctory trivia, but I do know that putting a cork on our collection would not be a particularly desirable thing.

So Tammy in her absolutely amazing and beyond dedicated way has been grant writing like a crazy woman! But acquiring over $200,000 worth is one very,



large task.

But in order to store our stuff, we have to do a purge. One thing about Museums is that they have a habbit of becoming hoardey hoarders that hoard hoardy hoarders who hoard…hoarders. 😐

We acquired our collection from the bankrupt Yahk Museum in the 80’s just minutes before the whole thing went up for auction. [pretty sweet right??] And there was so. much. stuff. Not necessarily in volume, but put the emphasis on stuff. At the time, it was awesome to just have a collection! But a few decades (and longer than my lifetime) of un-checked accepting of donations has left us with a brutal number of duplicates of duplicates that duplicated. Like type writers. and harrows. They are like bunnies. So before we spend this house worth of money on a storage system, we have to decide what can be kept and what can go without remorse to maximize room for what is kept and what will enter the collection in the future.

Speaking of bunnies… in the mean time, Bunny and her mini inventory army are a machine; though if you’ve ever been in the office, you know you can hear upstairs quite well. So from downstairs, it makes for better listening than the comedy chanel!

{if you don’t know/remember Bunny, that is actually her name. And she is concentrated awesome.}

‘Why the heck do we even have this???’

‘I’m positive I just saw a small herd of those on that other shelf…’


*crashbangclatterclatterthunk* “Everything ok up there??”

‘Oh. It’s GREEEEAAT….just getting chased by a bed pan….”

Another perk to my job. I get to listen to Bunny. [win for me.]  And she is very creative too! Usually when the insane idea train leaves the station, it’s generally Tammy or I in the conductors hat. But this time, we don’t get the blame-errrr…credit.

Bunny has traveled quite a lot. During one of her stops, she saw this sidewalk that had her absolutely enamored…

so she talked to the board. and she arranged. and she sorted said excess of stuff. and she put Helen the accessioning lady on the case. and they found them.


OH, hahaha….no no no…not those expendables…

THEEEEESE expendables…



This motley bunch of exclusively hand selected tools was chosen specifically for their state of brokenness, redundancy, and metal/iron composition. If you’re not thinking either one of us is completely nuts by this point, just hold on. We’ve almost made it to the point of this post.

We called concrete guys. And they did the thing that they do with the concrete. And then. AAAAAANND then. We put the stuff in the concrete.


me taking a picture of Tammy taking a picture.

IMG_0302 IMG_0304

It never ceases to amaze me at the amount of planning and preparation it takes to get the ‘random’ look. Like the time it takes to craft the perfect messy bun.


Because this random scattering of said chosen stuff was ANYTHING but random. There was so much planning and placing and strategic plotting we probably could of re-built the Twin Towers. k, I’m exaggerating.

How does this even work…my shirt made it through playing in CONCRETE, but was slain by spaghetti sauce that evening. life can be cruel. first world problems.

But the best and funniest part I think both Tammy and I found was just how much fun the big burly macho concrete guys had laying the stuff in the sidewalk with us! It was a regular laugh fest! Which made me smile because if there is one thing I love more than chocolate, it is seeing people laugh and smile. And the guys were so proud of it too!! If they ever decide to get out of laying pretty, smooth concrete, they certainly have a calling in laying pretty, smooth concrete with stuff in it.

And here at the Museum, we L.O.V.E. it!!!


the words came from a sign that said ‘Creston Post Office’. This, for the Record, was not my idea. That is not to say I don’t seize in a fit of uncontrollable giggles every time I walk by it.

IMG_0306 IMG_0307

So we now have an ‘I Spy’ sidewalk!! It is really amazing…I’m not going to tell you what all we have in it, you will need to come down and see for your self what all you can find!!

Would you like to help ensure we can continue to collect wonderful educational stuff? We are incredibly grateful for any donations, and donations of $50 and up will receive a tax receipt.

Stop in, or give us a call at 250-428-9262

Cheers for now!