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Hey Guys!

So here I am with a bit of an update. Remember these guys?

This guy is getting turned into a 'dry tank', to show the use of the underwater fish traps (it's currently just hanging on the wall)

This guy is getting turned into a ‘dry tank’, to show the use of the underwater fish traps (ours is currently just hanging on the wall)

This one here will house our mini canoe, as well as arrow heads, spear tips, and various other hunting tools

This one here will house our mini canoe, as well as arrow heads, spear tips, and various other hunting tools

well, after much work, much fly body disposal, and much contorting myself into small awkward spaces for prolonged periods of time… WE HAVE FINISHED PRODUCTS!!!


little bit of hunting/game & tools

Display on hunting/game & tools…              For some pretty cool information on the arrow and spear heads in this display, click below…


an inhabitant of our new 'fish tank' displaying a twig bait trap

an inhabitant of our new ‘fish tank’ displaying a traditional branch fish trap

Now keep in mind, these pictures are only so good…you’ll have to come see them in person 😉

I have to say, after the initial exasperation of re-surfacing and sanding and vacuuming innumerable fly bodies and cobwebs {from sitting for so long} and various other ickies, as things started to come together, this project was SO. MUCH. FUN.

We won’t mention the words that came out of a surprised electricians mouth when he realized there was a person in the tall display case (at this time I was sitting cross legged completely inside the case facing the back stapling felt to the sliding doors…[the sliding doors that would not come off their tracks]…forcing me to come to the realization of how tiny I actually am, and how un-flexible I have become after a year of nose-in-books for school)

If we are being completely honest though it was actually pretty funny…

The ‘fish tank’ was pretty great too. I mean, really…getting to go to the river on a gorgeous sunny day to collect materials…I think my job might be incredible.

A certain someone definitely didn’t mind keeping me company and getting to join in the collecting either!


Trying to convince me to play his favourite river game.

Putting that one together reminded me of when I kept some pretty crazy fish. One of the best parts about fish is getting to set up and mix up their aqua-scapes. No water got added to this one (obviously), but the illusion is pretty good I must say! Especially thanks to the clear string that suspends the swimbait lures (thanks again for those Rindy!)

These guys are apparently nothing for lifelike compared to some of the ones I was looking at though…check this dude out…unfortunately they are quite a hit on the pocket book. Maybe one day 😛


But making these displays look as realistic as possible wasn’t just about them looking good. [although it actually kinda was]…It was about communicating their story, doing justice to the role each thing played as accurately as possible. Some things are quite delicate, like the itty-bitty arrowheads, so they have to be tucked away safely in frames. But other things, like the iconic sturgeon nose canoe, although still delicate, leave just a little more room for creativity!

Hmm…that gets me thinking though…maybe I should do a post chronicling all the things in these new display cases? What do you think?