Coming together over the strangest things

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If you are a Big Bang Theory fan, you will recall Jim Parson’s character Dr. Sheldon Cooper muse, “what‘s life without whimsy...”.

If you are a Big Bang Theory fan, you will also recall that this was in reference to only drinking hot chocolate on months that contain an ‘r’.

But that’s not the point.

It’s a good question, and I got to thinking about that the other day while I was trying to put together our summer end event. {it’s a new thing.}

[stay tuned for details]

Thinking about the food, the drinks, the movie & decorations… for some reason the word ‘whimsical’ came to mind.


We have lots of whimsy around here…I mean, we are in the base layer of a castle with a covered-up-un-occupied crypt with piggies and fish under the light at the main entrance door.

No lack of whimsy. :/

But I think what I am getting at more is the last definition; things that are fanciful or odd. But not actual physical things…interactive things…circumstances…

One of the most amazing things I am finding, after almost a year working in this museum, is that people may be in very different places in their lives right now…lawyers, laborers, rich, poor; Maritimes, Prairies, North, or the Island. Or from a different continent for that matter!!!…but in the end; we all have memories. We all came from somewhere.

It’s the history, the objects, the experiences that bridge them all. And I love this. Like, break out in a stupid smile every time I see these connections start.

smile 1

Innocent enough tour; you know how it can be. Join in a tour group, get mixed in with people you know nothing about, never seen in your life. Then that one object. A one room school house. A tractor. A skillet. A dish pattern. An anvil. Suddenly, these things, these memories you have, these experiences, join you with the story of someone else who 30 seconds ago, you had nothing in common with.

Out of nowhere, it is like you have somehow shared time together, and suddenly; they are known to you. Hardships, laughs; we have all had them, in our own places, in our own circumstances; but the power of ‘a thing’ to build bridges constantly leaves me in awe.

Have you ever had an experience like this? What about someone you know? Do you stay in touch? Did you discover family you never knew you had?

We want to hear your story!