Canada Day: Things to Consider

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On May 27th it was confirmed that the remains of 215 children at the former residential school site in Kamloops B.C. had been found. Since then more unmarked graves have been discovered on other former residential school sites across Canada.

 Goat River at current Highway 21 and Valley View Drive, 1912. Creston Museum archives.
View of Creston from the Sunset Seed on Cook Street including the grain elevators, the Presbyterian Church, and the Creston Flats, 1943. Creston Museum archives.

As Canada Day draws near the day brings yet another reminder of how this nation was built and how history has played out. All the events and years passed are not to be ignored or quashed; they are to be acknowledged fully as work continues for reconciliation with the Indigenous Nations.

Canada Day 2021 should give people more things to consider. There is no one right answer or set decision on how people should act, think or behave this Canada Day. Everyone processes and deals with events differently and this week there will be many different forms of how people choose to celebrate, or not celebrate, July 1st. 

Canada Day should be focused on achieving positive outcomes and finding solutions for how Canada can thrive in the future. Changing the narrative on future celebrations and focusing on what this nation can become. We all live here together, so this Canada Day consider how the country is changing, how you can become more involved in the change and how we can all move towards building a better future together.

Please come by the Creston Museum or visit the links listed below to become more involved in the reconciliation process.