Yard Art

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We’re continuing two themes here: our month-long series of challenges, and our garden stuff in lieu of the cancelled Garden Festival!


Make some art out of things you find in your yard!
Glue it on paper, make a sculpture, stack it, weave it, arrange it…be as crazy or classic as you want! Show us what you’ve got!

Need some inspiration? Here’s a garden sculpture that a few local artists – Win Dinn, John Dinn, Alison Masters, if I recall correctly – made during a “Found Art Challenge” in which we were attempting to dispose of a bunch of broken, duplicate, or unidentifiable objects from the Museum’s collections. we called her “Bed pan Betty.”

Bedpan Betty is unfortunately no longer with us – she met her demise in a terrible accident involving a falling tree a number of years ago – but we do have some cool garden sculptures around, thanks to the creative talents of former maintenance person Lori. Come on down to the Museum to check them out!

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