Volunteers’ Dinner

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It’s that time of year again! Tonight is our annual celebration to honour our wonderful volunteers. Without them, so many of the amazing things we do here at the Creston Museum truly wouldn’t be possible.

Did you know that we only have one permanent full-time employee? That would be our good ‘ol Tammy – manager and wearer of all hats for the past 21 years! Aside from two fabulous part-time staff members, and myself – a co-op student – Tammy gets all of her help from A TON of volunteers.

We have volunteers who help with archival research, collections and cataloging, supply the gift shop, lead guided tours, construct new exhibits, write grants, and so. much. more.

Tonight we are gathering at Jimmy’s Pub to treat these incredible individuals to a pizza party. It’s honestly the least we could do. Here’s a wee sneak peek of some gifts (homemade by Tammy) that we will be sending each of them home with.

Made with lots of love (and sugar)

Are you interested in volunteering? Check out the details here. Maybe we will be seeing YOU at our next Volunteers’ Dinner!