Volunteer With Us

Why? We’re Glad You Asked!

Volunteering at the Creston Museum lets you dive into the past and really dig around. You get up-close-and-personal with one-of-a-kind objects. You travel back in time through old photographs and newspapers. You get to meet all sorts of fascinating people. You go behind-the-scenes, and make it come to life. You build exhibits (and sometimes take them down). You hear stories, write stories, tell stories. You can do all of it, or any of it. You can share the knowledge you’ve gained over a lifetime, or you can try something new.

The pay, we confess, is non-existent – but the perks are pretty good! You can pretty much choose your own hours. You get to write your own job description. You can have a front-row seat at any event you choose to work at. You don’t need to know anything about museums or local history, because we can teach you all of that. And we throw a party for you once a year.

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Great Opportunities For Everyone!

  • Young people looking for job skills
  • Retired people wanting to keep their skills sharp
  • Long-time residents wanting to share their memories
  • New residents hoping to learn more about the community
  • Groups seeking a project to undertake together
  • High school students needing to fulfill graduation requirements
  • Anyone wanting to explore local history

Sample Projects & Activities

  • Tour Guiding
  • History Researching
  • Event Staffing
  • School Touring
  • Presentation Giving
  • Flower Gardening
  • Display Dusting
  • Newsletter Publishing
  • Exhibit Designing
  • Object Identifying
  • Equipment Moving
  • Newspaper Reading
  • Database Updating
  • Artifact Cataloging
  • Visitor Greeting
  • Grape Trimming
  • Goody Baking
  • Book Writing
  • Food Serving
  • Gift Shop Staffing
  • Index Typing
  • Document Filing
  • Story Telling
  • Long-term Planning
  • Mystery Solving

Volunteer Registration Form

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