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Yesterday, we hinted that Pioneer Cemetery is full of interesting stories. For today’s Daily Dose of History, we intend to prove it – with a virtual tour of Pioneer Cemetery itself!

We’ve created a gallery of photos of people buried at Pioneer, along with brief biographies. You can enjoy them from the comfort of your living room, or – even better – get a little bit of exercise by wandering through the cemetery! Note: when we wrote this, people were still being encouraged to go outside for exercise, as long as it’s alone or only with the people in your household. If that has changed by the time you read it, follow provincial and municipal orders and guidelines and stay at home.

If the captions are covering part of the photo, just tap or click on them to hide them. Tap or click again to bring them back!

Pioneer Cemetery Virtual Tour

We’ve included brief directions to find the graves with the photos. When we say, for example, that something is on the left side, front, or back of the cemetery, it’s in relation to the main gate – stand with your back to the gate to get your bearings. Please use caution: the ground is uneven, and the headstones are rarely in straight rows – in many places, rows merge into one another!

When we wrote this post, parks were still publicly accessible. Please check the latest updates from Town of Creston before heading out. Also, social distancing guidelines apply equally out-of-doors as indoors: go alone or only with the people in your home to avoid spreading the Covid-19 virus.