Share Your Unique Culture!

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Hi everyone! Alyson here – long time, no talk. I’m coming at you today with a humble request: to share your unique culture with me, so that we may share it with others on Canadian Multiculturalism Day (June 27).

Remember promises of Creston’s First Annual Fusion Festival? Well, as I’m sure you’ve all guessed, COVID-19 put a major halt to that plan. But do not fret, because we are coming to you with a *Virtual* Fusion Festival instead – phew!

That doesn’t mean you’re off the hook, however. We still need YOU to share your unique culture. Here are a couple of areas that we are planning to explore:

  • National Anthems and Flags
    – Got kids in the house? Have them draw and colour the official flag(s) that represent your diverse background. Snap a picture of their masterpiece and send it to us!
    – Are you a patriotic songbird? Then take this opportunity to record yourself singing your home country’s national anthem. We would love to hear it and share it with our audience!
  • Traditional Dress
    – Do you have a special piece of clothing, jewelry, or other adornments that have a significant cultural meaning to you? Please, send us photos of it! Bonus points if you explain the history, where you got this specific piece, the meaning of its colours/patterns/embellishments/etc.
  • FOOD
    – Now who doesn’t love food? Cooking it, eating it, and sharing it with others. Food not only fills our bellies, it can also serve as an edible representation of our unique identities. Do you have a special recipe or signature dish that has been handed down for generations in your family? Maybe you only eat this particular meal during holidays. Whatever it is, we want to hear about it and see it (again, bonus points for a demonstration – you can now live out your dream of hosting your very own cooking show) since we can’t actually taste it this year.
  • Music and Dance
    – This one is pretty self-explanatory. Film yourself, a family member, or friend performing a traditional cultural dance or song! If you are more of the bashful type, why not send us a link to a relevant documentary, YouTube video, or tutorial instead?
  • Games
    – Did you know that the game Red Rover is thought to have originated in the UK? Some suggest that it was a taunt early English children directed at Viking invaders. We want to know what traditional games you grew up playing. Maybe they were only traditional in your household – that’s okay! We want to hear about them anyway. I can only imagine how many games we will all be playing from June 28th onward 😉
  • Folk Trades and Skills
    – Tell us about your special skills! This could be anything – ranging from broom making to leather work. Take this opportunity to showcase your talents and interests.

** We encourage you to share your culture loud and proud, but if you prefer privacy, we will do everything in our power to protect your identity, should you choose to contribute to the Virtual Fusion Festival**

Email Alyson at with your questions and submissions. Please note that the deadline for content submissions is Friday June 19th. We look forward to learning more about Creston’s diverse cultures, and sharing them with the community!