Schools, Daycares, and Youth Programs

Got an elementary school class, a daycare, a sports team looking for something to do? We can help with that! We can even set up one of our program

Availability: May 21 – October 27, 2019 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Capacity: No minimum class/group size; maximum 36 people including teachers and parents.

Cost: $3 per student/child per program. Book two programs for the same class/group: $5 per child; three programs, $8 per child; four programs $10 per child..

Facilities: Most programs involve time outdoors; dress accordingly. Picnic tables for lunch or snacks; outdoor play space; washrooms. Ample parking for buses.

Customization: Want to focus on something not mentioned here? We can probably do that! Contact us to discuss the details.

Booking: Complete the form below or contact Alyssa Jackson, Program Co-ordinator, at 250-428-9262 or with program choices, preferred date and time, ages/grades, and number of students.

Mix-and-Match Programs:

Guided Tours: Tours of the Museum’s exhibits, led by our knowledgeable guides and fully-customizable to focus on one or two themes of your choice (First Nations, community change, role of women, etc). Duration: 30-90 minutes depending on students’ age and your schedule needs.

Lessons in the Schoolhouse: Students experience the changes in classroom routines by taking part in a 1920s-era lesson in our historic schoolhouse, starting with a fingernail inspection before moving on to the feature lesson. Choose from spelling, arithmetic, or penmanship. Duration: 20 minutes.

 Pioneer Experience: Hands-on, immersive programs that let your students really engage in the day-to-day life of the Creston Valley’s earliest European residents. Choose from butter or biscuit-making, household chores, or woodworking. Duration: 20 minutes.

Living History: Games and activities that enable your students to compare “then and now” and build decision-making skills using information from artifacts, photographs, and primary documents. Choose from Game of Industry (building the forestry, mining, and agriculture industries), Striking Out (migration factors and patterns), the Apple Industry, or Explorers. Duration: 30 minutes.

School and Youth Group Bookings

School and Youth Group Bookings

Approximate numbers are fine!
Approximate times are fine!