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(I’m totally borrowing that word from a colleague in another museum!)

What’s a Quarantale?

Well, it could be anything. An actual tale – a story you’ve made up about the past couple of months in isolation. A diary you’ve been keeping. A poem you’ve written or a song you’ve parodied, a painting you’ve done or a photo you’ve taken.

From Matea

Something you’ve done to pass the time. (The image at the top of the page was done by the fabulously creative Win Dinn, who has been creating quite a bit of artwork in her studio as she reflects on isolation, changing seasons, and changing communities. Check out her blog here!)

Something you’ve done to connect with others at a distance. (In that category: regular Skype calls with my niece and sister as we work our way through the kings and queens of England. Here’s the visual explanation of the Wars of the Roses:)

Makes perfect sense, right?

Your Daily Dose of History Challenge Number 1: Share your Quarantale, whatever it is (or they are). Post them in the comments, send us a message, or email us at crestonmuseum@telus.net.

From Alyson

Daily Dose of History Challenge Number 2: Now that the community is starting to open up (but make sure you’re still observing the social distancing guidelines), go out and make note of the changes you see. What’s different in the community? What’s different about your perception of the community? What hasn’t changed? Does any of that that surprise you, alarm you, sadden you, relieve you, excite you?

Make note of what you see and think in some way (any way you want) and show us!

One of many signs of the times in the community – Win Dinn took this photo.