Need some gift ideas? A spun-around take on the holiday season.

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No matter your background, there is generally some form of celebration towards the end of the year. Be it Christmas, or Solstice, there is almost always reason to celebrate and come together!

Despite the mass commercialization starting around the 50’s which made the big round man with a snowy white beard synonymous with a furry red suit a pinnacle of modern Christmas (which interestingly enough, the Santa Clause we know today was derived from Pagan and Scandinavian lore!) For many, the exchange of food/gifts or kind actions as a gesture of appreciation of friendship/kinship and family, unity, or good will has become the universal language of the end of year holiday season; transcending a variety of religions and beliefs and financial standing.

It wasn’t so long ago, that perhaps a book and a small home made gift, followed by a meal with family and sometimes friends was the epitome of the holiday season. Being thankful for the smallest of fortunes, sharing your awareness of what makes those around you happy, reflecting on your past year, and looking forward to the next was the theme of the season in the cold and longer dark evenings.

Even though it is something we should strive for every day, it IS kind of nice to have a reminder sometimes! Where the whole community comes together for a couple months to embrace a more kind way of life. Embracing Hygge as the cold weather envelopes us, well wishing, taking an extra moment to be mindful and make a kind gesture even though you’re busy, drop a line to a friend or family…all things that take no financial resources!

I must admit though, in this era of intense advertising and commercialism, it kind of makes me smile seeing the trend towards gifting experience instead of things; or if you are gifting things, including at least something small home made. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Personally, I prefer to try and do at least one home made thing per person I’m gifting (which is mostly just family). Partly because we aren’t into expensive gifts, (its all about food and relaxing for us) and partly because I just like making things. (despite rarely actually having time to take this on. But it’s become a running joke so… its fine.) It never fails though. There is always someone you want to do something nice for…BUT THEY JUST. HAVE. EVERY. THING. So gift giving is just…it’s impossible. So what do you do for that?

Depending on what your family’s traditions are, we have LOTS of options for experiential or knowledge based gifts, that work for ALL ages!


We have several house publications, chalk full of information, anecdotes (of both the intriguing and humorous sort) photos, and trivia!

Choose from Creston Valley History, Brusonian Bruhaha, Diversions, and Distractions…or, choose all 4! Several other titles available, such as War Stories, and Creston Valley Industry.

We can do passes, for Individuals or Families (extra awesome stocking stuffers or card gifts for your children, grand children, spouses, grand parents, friends…etc) which provides opportunity to interact with others, handle some cool old things, hang out in a beautiful space, and learn a whole ‘noggin full of new things!

Passes aren’t just good for tours, they get you into several of our events as well! We have our awesome stand-by events, such as Kids Day, but each year we also strive to have something new on the calendar!

You know. Just to keep things fresh.

Sound like the kind of gifts that fit your holidays and loved ones? There are lots of ways to get what you need!

IN PERSON: We will be at the Craft Fair this Saturday with books, passes, and donation pamphlets (which allows you to choose what part of the Museum operations you want your money to support).

We are available in the office Tuesdays-Saturdays, from 9am-5pm.


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With the closing of the year only a little over a month away, we want to take a moment to thank you for sharing with us, be it your time or resources, and wish you all the best of what is yet to come.