Mrs. Hardman's class doing calisthenics, Creston Public School

Make Your Own Fun!

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Yesterday, we shared an article about some of the home-made fun in Creston’s history. Now it’s your turn! Here’s a little story from Cyril Colonel, about the fun and games they had when he was a boy in Alberta, during the Second World War.

Games and activities during the Second World War, from Cyril Colonel
  • How many of these games do you know? If you don’t know them, look online for rules and try them!
  • Why were they making socks to support the war effort? Who got the socks? Why were socks so important? See if you can find answers to these questions online – look for sites about Canada on the homefront during World War II
  • Knitting socks for soldiers was a way of providing things for people in need. Who is in need in the community today? What could you make or do to help them?
  • Look up Morse Code. Can you use it to send a message to someone in another room, perhaps by ringing a bell or tapping on something? Remember: a dot equals a short tap or ring, and a dash equals a long one.

The picture at the top of this post is Mrs. Hardman’s class at Creston Public School (what is now Adam Robertson), doing calisthenics. Just for fun – can you copy the movement the children in this picture are doing?

What other calisthenics, or exercises, can you think of that you could do for Physical Education class if you didn’t have any equipment – or even a gymnasium?