Love what you do, you’ll never work a day…

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And we’re pretty good at making that happen too.


Generally something like what you’ll hear Tammy and I yattering on about around the beginning of May when our college and university students arrive to start their summer employment term. Since it’s just the two of us in the office through the rest of the year, the 4 months we have other people working with us is somewhat cause for celebration, and I mean, we may be biased, but we think we have a pretty fabulous place to celebrate working at!

Pop Quiz Time:

Does your contemplated summer job celebrate your birthday even if it isn’t actually while you’re working? (we like cake.)

Does your contemplated employer have you starting before 8:30am? (trick question. that’s just silly. we don’t start until after 9)

Does your contemplated job allow regular opportunity to do extra cool things off your job site? (’cause that’s our wheel house.)

Do you get to make food, eat said food, and play at your prospective employer? No, like actually play, and do activities in a gazebo or century old buildings, and chat with people from all over the world NOT from a script with time restrictions? (… if you speak a different language, there might be more celebratory food…)


Does your prospective employer encourage your talent with social media? (not yours, ours. our social media. but still.)

Then GUESS WHAT. We kinda have the market cornered on best employer around. Actually though. Besides the views (which are stunning btw.), we really do have a pretty cool gig here. (Spoiler alert: how many of your friends can say they work in a castle?)

Just to give you an idea, an average day working at the Museum might look something like this:

9:15am Get in in the morning a tad early with your morning snacks and coffee, and everyone meet and chat for a few minutes for morning meeting.

9:30am Everyone head downstairs to unlock for the day, and get morning chores done (wipe down the outside benches, floor sweep, bathroom clean etc), and pull out any activities for the day

10:00am Open gate, split to everyone’s prospective workstations (which could totally be the gazebo in the morning sunshine), sometimes we have early tours too so you might get to meet some awesome people right off the bat

12:00pm Lunch outside! (or, inside if the weather is crappy) Might have people come in for a tour, but that’s ok, we show them around and can finish lunch after. We also do running breaks, so things around here can be pretty flexible

1:00pm Back at it! The afternoon could bring anything, maybe making ice cream the old fashioned way or mini pies, could build a noodle cabin, or go head-to-head in a school room battle of the brains with a visiting group. Otherwise if we have no one in you have time to work on your particular job

4:40pm Afternoon tidy & clean, make sure you don’t lock anyone in the trappers cabin with #trapperjohn

5:00pm Lock up and Home time to enjoy the rest of your summer evening!

Now, this is a pretty run of the mill day, but we also have event days like, Blossom Festival Parade, the utter chaos of making ice cream on Canada Day at Canyon Park, then there’s Kids Camp weeks, which cover everything from making crafts, to making food, to identifying native plant species and their uses…and I’m actually hardly scratching the surface here.

So if you want a job where you will be highly encouraged to do your very best, and not stifled and stuffed into ‘the box’, (I mean, we still have standards…of course, but we love what each individual can bring to our table because we love to watch our students grow! but, like, its also it’s just good business…), will give you challenges, and also some recharge and regroup time, and where you can leave at the end of your term and know your work is going to remain for years to come, submit your resume!

You can check out individual job postings HERE


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