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While we’re on the subject of Sarah Ellen Dow’s memoirs, let me transcribe for you her description of the Valley as she made her way through it, for the first time, to her new home. Remember, this was 1893:

“My husband and I got in the boat and he paddled up the Goat River as far as the Upper Landing. I shall never forget the beauty of that River. The large Cottonwoods, Birches, and Quakenash on either side of the river, they were a tremendous height and the smaller shrubbery in between. … I found we were in a beautiful valley many acres of flat ground with sloughs winding in and out and bunches of willow trees dotted all over the valley and on the east side was Goat Mountain which was and is today one of the beauty spots of the district. Not far from the foot of this Mountain is where our home was to be. … One log cabin was on the hillside with just an acre or two slashed. The log cabin looked very nice in among the tall timber and over the veranda it had a natural Birch tree bending over.”

The Dow home, overlooking the flats

Mrs. Dow and her husband eventually built a fine home, considerably large rand more elegant than the original log cabin, on the bench lands overlooking the Creston flats (about where Crestglen Trailer Park is today). The photo above gives you a pretty good idea of what her view would have been.

Your Daily Dose of History challenge for today: Sit on your front doorstep (or back, if you prefer!). use your imagination to magic away all the modern buildings and infrastructure – try to envision what your view would have been like 50, or 100, or 120 years ago. What do you see? Tell us or show us (we’d love to see the pictures you create) in the comments!