Fun With Photos!

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Eric, one of our volunteers, is tackling a photo-cataloguing project. Today, he came across a collection of almost-entirely unidentified photos that have been hanging around for years (literally decades!). we thought this might be a good time to get everybody else’s input on them! Here’s the first batch – can you tell us who’s in them, what they’re doing, where it is, anything else about what’s going on? If we have any information at all, it’s in the captions below the photos, and I’ve included our photo number to give you something handy to refer to if you can help us with any of them!

8134 – The bride looks so familiar! Whose smile is that?
8135 – Seems to me I recognise this guy, too.
8137 – September 1952. Gwen Lemoigne, ?, ?, ?, Leone Aker, Rose? Salvador, Vicky Wells. Looks like a Mad Hatter party to me – thoughts?
8139 – Ed Werre Collection (he was a local photographer, and might not be connected to the photo in any other way. Love the little hats the guys are wearing!)
8140 – Obviously World War II, not likely Creston.
8141 – Front right Stace-Smith?

More to come tomorrow! If you can give us any information about any of these, let us know in the comments, send us an email, or call us at 250-428-9262. Thanks!