Design Your Own Fruit Ranch!

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Yesterday, we told you about Winifred Collis and her work on the fruit ranch she and her husband owned near Crusher Road. Today, let’s look at all the things that were on that fruit ranch – and get creative in designing one of our own!

Map of Thanet Ranch, 1916

This is a map of Thanet Ranch, owned by Arthur and Winifred Collis, in 1916. This is a really good piece of land, don’t you think? Tae a close look at the map and see if you can find:

  • A source of water for irrigation
  • Different types of terrain for growing different crops
  • A place for the owners to live – and another place for a hired worker to live
  • Shelter for work animals
  • Enough space to expand their orchard over time, or to grow different types of fruit in different areas
  • Easy access to transportation services
  • Neighbours close by for help or social opportunities
Apples at the Collis ranch, boxed and ready for shipment by train
from the nearby loading platform.

What other things do you see on this map? Why are they important? Is there anything you would add? Why?

Now it’s your turn! Imagine you are living in Creston a hundred years ago, and you want to build a fruit ranch. Draw a map of your fruit ranch. Make sure you mark everything on it that you will need!

If you can, look at orchards and fruit ranches in the Creston Valley today. What do they have that is the same as the things on your map, or on the map of the Thanet Ranch? What is different? Can you explain these similarities and differences?