Coming to Canada Virtual Tour – Day 2

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It’s day two in our Coming to Canada virtual tour series, and today we are looking at stories of fleeing Europe and narrow escapes along the way.

Leaving your home country for an unfamiliar land far away was daunting enough – then take into account the physical journey itself. Even further, most women and children traveled alone, as the men typically left first and established themselves before sending for their families. It comes as no surprise then that a great deal of anxiety revolved around the immigration process, and for good reason!

But the political and economic turmoil that plagued Europe in the early- to mid-twentieth century was incentive enough to undertake this massive journey and start anew in Canada.

Check out our video as we share the experiences of Vera Brunell, Jeff and Daisy Collis, Pasqua Amoroso, Magdalena and Ted Lapins, Alice Buchholz, and Elsie Hurl, who all faced these hardships.

More coming tomorrow!