Coming to Canada Virtual Tour – Day 1

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Good morning folks, and welcome to our first virtual tour installment in celebration of Canadian Multiculturalism Day! Over the next five days, we will be exploring the incredible stories of early immigration to the Creston Valley, as well as the common hardships and new beginnings that came along with it. These joys and struggles will be tied together with daily themes, as well as a handful of biographies that exemplify them.

For our inaugural episode, we will be looking at Settling the Canadian West. The Canadian government sought newcomers from Great Britain and western Europe whose presence could help extend hegemony across the continent, and fend off American expansionism. Upon arrival, settlers worked mostly in the agricultural, forestry, and mining industries.

Learn more about this incentive through the stories of John Zackodnik, Gus DeGiusti, Michael and Eleanor Talarico, and Daniel Colonel, who all made their way to Canada in the early twentieth century.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for episode two!