Blossom Fest, Day 2

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Today, in hopes of helping cope with the disappointment of no Blossom Festival, we bring you an assortment of events!

Unfortunately, film footage and photographs of events other than the parade are a little scarce, but we’ve found some! Let’s start with this short video of a few different events: a couple of the opening ceremonies and midway from Steve Bullock in 1968 and 1973 I think; the rodeo, 1968, from Margaret Berg; some parachuting that might be from 1961 and hang-gliding possibly from 1973, both from Beth Kastellan; and a 1963-1964 flyover of Creston from Margaret Berg. Those last three, to be sure, might not be Blossom Festival events – but they’re fun, so we included them!

The photo at the top of the page is, quite possibly, the very first Blossom Festival, with the opening ceremonies held at Park Pavilion in what is now Centennial Park. Here are a few more of the photos we have of parades and events. Share your photos and memories in the comments!